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Hey Guis!
Today I’m going to do The This or That tag created by Poorwa @Poorwa’s Blog.
Before we start I’m just gonna say sorry for popping in your reader in every two daysπŸ˜‚


  • Thank the person who nominated/tagged you.
  • Answer all the 50 ThisOrThat questions in your post. You can do less if you want.
  • Link back to the creator @Poorwa’s blog
  • Nominate at least 7 people or more for this tag.
  • Use #ThisOrThat for easy accessibility.
  • Have fun!

This looks real fun! So here we go!

  1. Friends or Internet? – Friends on the Interenet?

2. Pop or Rock? – Pop

3. Phone Call or Text? – Calls

4. Morning or Evening? – Evening

5. Apartment or House? – House

6. Instagram or Twitter? – Instagram

7. Day or Night? – Night

8. Mobile Games or Console Games? – Console Games

9. While doing something: Music or Podcasts? – MUSICC!!! (that double c looks so cheesyπŸ˜‚)

10. Book or Movie? – Movie

11. Rain or Snow? – Rain

12. Cake or Pie? – Cake

13. Swimming or Sunbathing? – Swimming 

14. Comedy or Horror? – Comedy

15. Aquarium or Zoo? – Aquarium

16. Big Party or Small Gathering? – Small Gathering

17. New Clothes or New Phone? – New Phone

18. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? – Loyal friend 

19. Flowers or Trees? – Trees

20. Work Hard or Play Hard? – Work Hard

21. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? – Nice Home Interior

22. Phone or Computer? – Computer

23. Jogging or Hiking? – Hiking

24. Milk or Juice? – Juice

25. Blue or Grey? – Blue

26. Straight or Curly Hair? – I sort of have wavy hair so…

27. Fruits or Vegetables? – Fruits

28. Roses or Daisies? – Roses

29. Money or Fame? – Money (With fame you loose your privacy)

30. Receive: Email or Letter? – Letter

31. Passenger or Driver? – Passenger

32. Watch or Play? – Play

33. Someone Intelligent or Funny? – Funny

34. Mountains or Beaches? – Mountains

35. Cinderella or Elsa? – Cinderella

36. Money or Free Time? – Money

37. Iron Man or Captain America? – Iron Man….Duh

Iron Man Gif - ID: 209929 - Gif Abyss

38. Video games or Board games? – Video games

39. Singing or Dancing? – Singing

40. Long hair or Short hair? – Short Hair

41. Cats or Dogs? – Dogs (#meowsorry)

42. Cleaning or Cooking? – Cooking 

43. Winter or Summer? – Summer 

44. Mountain or Beach? – Beach

45. Ninjas or Pirates? – Pirates

46. Sweater or Hoodie? – Hoodie

47. Working alone or Working in a team? – #Alone4ever

48. Save or Spend? – Both

49. Meat or Vegetables? –Meat

50. Honesty or Other’s feelings? – Other’s feeling~

I had loads of fun doing this tag,
and now…

It’s your turn!

  1. Krisha @Krisha’s Twilight
  2. Riya @Riya’s World
  3. Kripaa @Dream Diaries
  4. Panna @Tomboy’s Attic
  5. Sabrina @Girl Chat
  6. Rayna @Ray is writing
  7. YOU!!

So, that’s all for this post.
Catch you later!

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      1. Aww, that’s too bad! Try rereading a favourite or a light book, that worked for me when I was in a slump. Sadly though, I haven’t stopped reading romcoms since then.

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