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Plants Grow in My Mom’s Heart #4

Yay! The most awaited post of my blog!

Ok let me type the last line to jog your memory

“Oh those sweet words in my mind for my RESPECTED school and the HONOURABLE chief guest…”


No problem if you don’t here are the previous parts:

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Finally….Let’s commence

So reading the last part anybody could get to know that my mom would be a red ball of fire….but when I told this to her at the bus stop she was quiet, she said nothing…well that should be a good sign for me but uh-oh not at home….I think mom gave the part of scolding for school and chief guest to me. Mama just went like:-

“How can your school give my plants without asking me?”

“And that chief guest….how can he even ask for taking my plants!”

“They were my plants!”

“Wait a minute how could you say that there is no problem”

As per me if there were an option, mom would for sure go to the chief guests house and bring them back, but for obvious reasons she didn’t do so….talking about my lunch….I don’t really think anybody will be interested in knowing this cause I don’t really remember the name….all I know that it was healthy and piquant(not for me at least)

This continued for at least a month….till then my mom was also gifted a plant, she liked it a lot!

Dad was out of station for some work…me and mom were having a movie night, her anger went really low after getting that new plant….while we were watching the movie her friend called her and after an hour or so when we were finally going to continue watching the movie mom could smell something burning….as we lead our way to the balcony the iron handle seemed to be very hot!

We changed our decision and thought to peek through the window….all I could see was blazing fire….anybody could get panicked in this state and so did we….she grabbed my hand and ran so fast, we live on the 6th floor and the massive fire was spread on the 4th floor right beneath us.

Waiting for the firemen to come ASAP and extinguish the fire….all people were notified by my mom and a few other neighbours…while in the background I was “SCREAMING” and saying “Why is this fire alarm here?!” Why aren’t we breaking it?!” A wonderful response by all the adults (P.S I was ignored).

After some time we headed to the ground floor….believe me the smoke was killing me! Each person coughed at the moment ! Well…someone else was more hurt and panic-stricken than me…my mom…for her plants….well at that moment I too felt bad for them.

The 4th floor with blazing fire the 5th with fire and sparks and our floor with black smoke and stoving heat.

Umm…That was a terrible experience!

My mom didn’t panic or maybe tried not to panic…..well…well…even after 20 MINUTES no sign of the fire brigade….and the fire didn’t really seem to stop…after 10 more minutes…they finally came!

While they were on their mission my mom was on her….she called my aunt and asked me to be beside her while she goes for a mission…to see her plants! See those thingys were HEAVY….so I specifically didn’t mention ‘save’,also after burning for half an hour…there is no hope for any to be alive.

After a few moments of grief sorrow I consoled her…while she gazed at me with teary eyes.

Umm…our balcony was completely BLACK! Not to forget the plants….Oh boy! Only HALF a plant was alive! Like only HALF….the other half was in ashes too.


Ending this post…Stay tuned for part 5!

Bye till then!

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