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Plants grow in my mom’s Heart #5

Yay! A humorous post! Did I go too philosophical last month? Meh, leave it!
Finally! Part 5 is out🎉!

So, what should I give first? Link to previous parts or Last line of #4? I’ll give the links.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Now the last line of #4 —> “Umm…our balcony was completely BLACK! Not to forget the plants….Oh boy! Only HALF a plant was alive! Like only HALF….the other half was in ashes too.”


So, after 2 or 3 months of regretting things were back to normal. The normal everyday chores, work and hussle bussle.
All of a sudden mom got the idea of buying more plants….again!!
This was moreover a monthly routine now!
Mom buys plants—->Something happens to them—–>Mom gets angry—->Everything is normal—-> Mom again buys plants!

No sooner, Once again, for the 3rd time! We landed at the nursery.

While mom was selecting her dearies…. I was spending some quality times with the fantabulous bugs and insects! Let me mention I got almost 4-5 bug bites at the nursery.

Mom and me returned with some new “plants”. And then……then what?! Remember the cycle? Yep, something happened to them!
The area where I live has thousands of pigeons and Mainas. What next?
The birds started to feed on mom’s lovely darlings. And by now you must know who are mom’s “lovely darlings”.
Everyday she would spend time to search for life hacks to shoo off the birds!
None of them worked….. After some days a pigeon did something, which we really didn’t expect!

Stay tuned to know what was that unexpected thing 😉
Until Then….. Bye!
See you soon with another post!

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