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My five favourite Songs #2

Hello! I’m back with another post! It was a lovely break I enjoyed with movies and family, what about you?
I hope you have already read the first part of this…..If not yet….Go on click here and read it! I am sorry for using the same featured image, I went laaaazy.

I am turning this “My 5 favourite songs” into a series. In the middle of every month I’ll share my favourite songs. The basic reason I write this series is to provide you with a list of songs that you can look upon when you are bored of listening the same songs. I will love to know about your current favourite song(s)! Make sure that you drop them off in the comments!

Now as usual the
These songs are pleasing for me….You may not like them. That’s fine all are different, so please don’t be harsh with me in the comments.

Most of these songs are pop songs. I won’t provide some official videos due to some reason, hope you get me……😅😂.

  1. Bilionera by Otilia
    This is a spanish song sung by Otilia and her voice is amazing. I used to hear it a lot in 2018, but now again stumbled on it and still love it! Sorry but can’t attach the official video
    Youtube Link to a lyrical video.
  2. Playdate by Melanie Martinez
    Just love this song! You might have already heard it but if not yet, what are you waiting for?! Love everything about this song. BTW it was released in 2015.
    Youtube link to the official audio.
  3. Cradles by Sub Urban
    Don’t try to hear this song without a speaker or headphone, the music is just mind blowing!
    Youtube Link to the Official video.
  4. Runaway by Sebastián Yatra, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha ft. Jonas Brothers
    Had a tough time writing this title, It’s a fun song, go check it out if you haven’t yet!
    Youtube Link to the Official video.
  5. Delicate by Taylor Swift
    Ok, this needs no explanation, her voice is sooo soothing! And the best thing is the official video is very decent!
    Youtube Link to the Official Video.

I wanted to include more songs but as the title suggests, 5 fav songs.
So these were my favourite songs in November! My next post shall be a chill post, want to thank you all for something.

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For now, Bye see you on Monday with another Post!

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